Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stockpiling with Publix!

This week all I needed to buy were the best deals for stocking the pantry! Well, all except for the gallon of Publix hormone free milk, which we seem to buy every two days.... I know I've mentioned getting a dairy cow before, but who would take care of it while we are in Florida? lol! Anyway.....Here are the dollar figures and the photo that follows:

Grocery Bill before Savings: $154.54

Advertised Specials: $62.74
Coupons used: $28.08
Total Savings: $90.82

Grocery Bill after Savings: $63.72

For a list of Publix Deals thru March 22nd Click HERE and HERE.


Kris said...

Wow! Great deals! I hope you left me some. lol I'm hoping to get over there this afternoon. I see A-1 and Birdseye veggies in my future. ;-)

Jennifer said...

Oh, I wish we had a Publix here in Philly:(

Great Deals!!

Jenny M said...

Where shopping is a pleasure! Good job! Now that I've mastered CVS, I need to work on my Publix shopping!

Anonymous said...

Great deals, I am wondering where you purchase your meat? All of my extended family lives in FL and I like to pass on Publix deals to them. Do you buy your meat at Publix too?