Wednesday, March 12, 2008

More Publix Deals and Info....

Well, I went to Publix today to buy some stockpile items. This was a great week to stockpile, as I really didn't need any groceries at all (perishable wise, except milk). Publix must have been busy during the day, as many items where gone. Not completely gone, but almost. My friend Alisha took the last 3 bottles of ketchup. Hmpf! (Just kidding.... I told her take them, I live close enough to come back any time!) lol!

Anyway, I asked a friendly employee if she knew why the ad was running through next Saturday March 22nd. She actually didn't even notice the date change, but when she grabbed a flyer sure enough that's what it said. She went to find out, and came back to inform me that it was because of Easter. (I thought that might be the case). Our Publix is closed Easter Sunday, so I am assuming that a new flyer will come out after midnight on the 22nd (for our store) for when the store opens back up on the 24th.

Another helpful lady at my register pointed out the store flyers (with coupons) at the front carousel.... She was so sweet, telling me to look in those and see what deals I could get. She loves it when people save money! I told her I do too, especially when it's me! lol!

Some more good deals at Publix:

Birds eye Frozen Vegetables are 50% off - If you buy the steam fresh varieties, there are coupons from the paper or blinkies on the freezer door for $1/2. making some varieties as low as .39 each.

Land O Lakes Butter is 2/$4.00 - add a coupon found online for .55 off 1 pkg. Makes them $1.45 each. Online Coupon Click Here.

Gogurt- My friend Susan told me about this one. 2/$4.00 use a 35 cent off coupon found in the paper recently. Ours doubles to $0.70 making these $1.30 each.

Reynolds Easy Foil Roaster Pan - Need a large roaster pan to cook for Easter? 99 cents.

Finally, Dove chocolates are a BOGO item. Add this BOGO free online coupon HERE to make both bags free.

For more BOGO deals click HERE.


jeannie said...

Thanks Jackie for your post on PUBLIX. I come here every WED. to see the deals.

Hey they better get those shelves full again. I will be going in the morning. You think they will?
Long drive for them not to be. (LOL)

Jackie said...

Jeannie- Your welcome! Hope those shelves are stocked full when you go!