Sunday, March 2, 2008

Publix Mystery Coupon???

Okay, I'm sort of bummed out by the lack of originality by our Publix. The mystery coupon for 1 penny is once again.....

A 2 liter bottle of Publix brand soda.

On one of the boards I visit, they were anticipating it being a gallon of Publix brand milk... which would have been nice. Maybe someone in some other area got that deal....In our area it was the soda again. Oh well....1 penny is 1 penny, right?

Edit to add: Katyshops and Mandy both posted that their mystery coupon was a 4 pack of Publix TP. That is very interesting and I'll tell you why..... My dh went to pick up the Sunday paper this morning and stopped into Publix to ask what the mystery coupon deal was.... they told him the soda, and he questioned them saying.."No that was two weeks ago". So they called a manager up and he said the TP. Dh didn't get any, as he was in a hurry and knew we would be stopping on the way home from church. Well, when I stopped in on the way home from church about 4 hours later, the mystery deal was the 2 liter bottle of Publix brand soda (marked as such and in a bin). I wonder if they didn't have enough TP or if they ran out of what. Now I'm curious so I'm going to have to ask tomorrow. LOL! Glad you ladies got some TP..... that is always a good deal for a penny!


Mandy said...

The mystery coupon in my area of GA was for a 4-pack of Publix TP.

KatyShops said...

We got toilet paper!! I was thrilled :)