Monday, March 3, 2008

Financial Health Check Up- February

Well last night I went through all the groceries and household items that I bought in February. I have to say, that budget wise I'm still not where I want to be. It needs to come down some more, and I think limiting my number of shopping trips will help this month! I did that the last week of February and it made a difference. So this month I really hope to be right on target!

Having said that here are my totals for February savings... I have already added them to the side bar for 2008 total savings.

CVS ECB's earned $28.00

Coupons Clipped (Savings) $125.64

Bi-Lo Savings $58.24

Publix Savings $ 192.84

In other financial news: We have paid off two of our credit cards and have one left to go. Then we can begin working on the car payment. And speaking of cars.... we have both resisted buying that (new to us) used truck, as of yet. It has been quite difficult as we know we could easily take out a small loan for it. But we are really trying to save for it. Next goal: $1000 Emergency Fund

If you would like to learn more about developing a budget and Emergency Funds and such go to Dave Ramsey's Website. He provides a lot of great information if you are just starting out.

How did you do this past month? Have you set any goals for March? Leave a comment!


Jessica said...

Congrats on paying off two credit cards. We have been on Dave Ramsey's plan for almost 9 months. I see that you have Bi-LO and Publix where you live. I am in Greenville, SC and shop Bi-Lo but have never ventured to Publix because I have trouble with their sales paper (there are hardly any photos).

Jackie said...

Hi Jessica! Thanks for leaving a comment. Check out Publix when you have the chance. I think there prices are better on many things. :-)