Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Coupon Binder....Take One

Jenny sent me the following email right before I left for vacation:

Hi. I am wondering if you would post pictures of your coupon binder? I remember you blogging about making it, but it would be neat to see the finished product. I have been "couponing" for about a month and would love to get more organized...those coupons are taking over my house :) Also, I'm wondering how you get the large Internet printed coupons to fit in the baseball card holders?

Absolutely! I'd love to display my coupon binder. But with one caveat: I totally got the idea from many others. The gals at the following websites are friends of mine, so I had the opportunity to not only read their sites, but check out their coupon binders in person. :-) What's a Girl To Do? Living Sensibly, All Things Frugal and Growing-in-Grace. I also checked out Laura Williams Musings. I gathered ideas from all these folks and included some ideas from Money Saving Mom, who inspired my first coupon organizer.

Let me quickly give some history. My first binder idea I got straight from Crystal at Money Saving Mom. I had every item I needed already in my house, and so I just worked at labeling the sections and getting them in an old Rubbermaid shoe box. I was being over run with coupons and needed a system fast! I was happy to be so organized, but quickly learned it was a pain to carry them around in that shoe box at the stores, and even if I left them in the car, who wants to run out to the car to get extra coupons when you see something unadvertised on sale. Plus anticipating adding two small children to our household, there would be no place to put the box when a child needs to sit in the shopping cart (or buggy as they say in the south). I didn't even want to think about that box of coupons flipping over! Yikes! So, I began to think about the coupon binders that my friends had made. To view the old organizer click HERE.

I'll be back in a bit to post photos of the new binder and show what products I used, and how I organized each section.

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