Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hearing Aid Batteries....

For those of you folks that have hearing aids or parents who have hearing aids....or maybe grandparents who have them. Here is a deal I found today:

My dad was going to purchase hearing aid batteries at CVS today as they were on sale. I quickly showed him two websites where he could print coupons and save even more money. Click HERE and HERE for those websites....to get $2 off Energizer hearing aid battery coupons.

Anyway, we went to CVS and the batteries they advertised were not the correct size he needed. But Walgreens had 8 EZ change batteries on sale for $5.99 (The same batteries were $8.99 at CVS). So with the two coupons they ended up being $3.99 each. He was so pleased...and we'll be going back again tomorrow to get 2 more sets.

I plan on helping him out whenever I can by sending him hearing aid battery coupons. Those things are expensive and they don't last very long either. Too bad I never see ECB's for those! lol!

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