Saturday, February 9, 2008

Saturday CVS Deals....

Okay, I know.... I know..... I'm such a wimp...but I sent DH to CVS with the list of what to get! lol! I could have gone, but I would have had to travel to the CVS located farther away.... and I wasn't in the mood to go out tonight. On his way out the door DH said, "If I see the Asst Mgr. I'll ask her if she has any cereal." I looked at him confused.... like "Cereal? why would you ask her that?" Then he said... "Lucky Charms, behind the counter with milk.... remember?" lol! I told him he better not say that! (Geez, cause more trouble---But he made me laugh.) If you haven't read my nightmare experience last weekend at CVS you can read it HERE.

Okay, so this is what we got at CVS. I had $10 in ECB's to use up before they expired (2/10). We needed Soft Soap, and shower soap, and Murphy's Oil soap. If I bought $10 worth of those items I earned $5 in ECB's. I had coupons for all those things, plus Jennifer at All Things Frugal told me about a BOGO coupon at CVS for Dentyne Gum that expires on 2/10. It's Dh's favorite gum, so he was more than happy to run out for it. Plus he hates wasting money, so if those ECB's expired and we hadn't used them, it would have irked him. Me too...but him more. :-)

Here's a photo of everything we got. Not a big trip, but it didn't cost much Oop.... just $1.39 and don't forget $5 in ECB's back!

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jeannie said...

(hehe) I send Scott out too for those last min. deals too. You know there was not much as CVS this week anyway, so what you got was alot.