Saturday, February 9, 2008

Nonni's Biscotti- Publix deal

I have to share another Publix Deal. Nonni's Biscotti.... I love it with coffee in the morning or the afternoon, or anytime. LOVE it! Anyway, for two more days (or three if you are in parts of Florida) these are on a BOGO. They normally are $3.00 each but are $1.50 each at the BOGO price. Now to make it an even better deal... there are coupons in the paper this Sunday 2/10 for $1.00 off two boxes. So the biscotti ends up being $1.00 a box! That's a great deal... you save $2.00 off each box! That's just over 66%. Buy 4 boxes and instead of paying $12.00 you pay $4.00! Go snap some up today!

Editing to add: My paper of course did not have the Nonni's coupons...but it didn't even have a Smart Source in it! ugh! But I still wanted to post this deal for those of you in an area with good coupons readily available and a Publix to shop at. Buy some of those biscotti for me.... (sigh)

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Mamosa said...

Jackie, if you go to and sign up you might qualify to have some coupons e-mailed to you. Publix runs this same sale every 2-3 months.

I love Biscotti too, and am looking for a good recipe.