Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gas Hike

Oh my word! I never thought I would see this... really I didn't. I had heard of it happening in the 70s, but I was too young back then. People are circled around the block for gas in our neck of the woods. My dh just ran down to fill up both our vehicles while gas is still $3.59 gallon.

I heard from several parents at football that gas is supposed to jump $1.50 tomorrow, on account of Hurricane Ike. On our way home this evening at 8:30pm when the roads are typically clear, I noticed traffic busier than normal. Then I saw all the cars at the pumps. TONS! One parent told me that a few stations are closed because they ran out. One station we went to this morning had gas at $3.49/gallon. Tonight as we drove by it has already jumped to $4.09, and we understand it's headed up even more tomorrow!

It's crazy... and we aren't even in an area with a high cost of living. I can't imagine what it is jumping to in NY, California etc. What's it running where you live? Leave a comment... of what state you live in and how much gas is running right now.


Frugal Finds said...

Oh I sure hope this does not happen!!!
Frugal Carol

Amanda said...

I'm in GA and paid $3.69 last night after waiting in line for gas for 20 minutes. When we got to the pumps they were already out of regular unleaded.

Kim said...

I'm in north Metro Atlanta and gas jumped about 10 cents from yesterday to this morning. So far, no problem with supply but I filled up just in case.

Jackie said...

Forgot to mention we are in TN and last night the highest I saw was $4.09. I have to head out today to get my oil changed and an alignment done on my van... so I'll see what they are later today.