Friday, September 12, 2008

Budget Blown

Okay, here is my dilemna and how I think I'm going to handle it.... I had to stock up on tons of necessities at our house. We were out of papertowels, and toilet paper completely. My stockpile has been long gone for awhile. We also were completely out of paper plates and cups. Unless there is a mjor deal somewhere I will typically buy these in bulk at Sam's club.

The problem is I went $58 dollars outside of my budget for this. Typically when I stock up like this it will last us 3 months. So I calculated 13 weeks to the 3 month point. I will have to reduce my budget by $4.50 a week. I know that sounds crazy....but it is what it is...

Now about Sam's club. I went in for 6 items, and when I came out I was shocked at the bill! I know shopping there can save money especially for larger families. But I also know that I can sometimes get a better deal at my local grocery store, or Walgreens or CVS using an advertised sale and coupons. Like TP.... I know I can do better, but for convenience sake I needed to stock up now. I will not have time in the coming month with a trip overseas to locate the deals and stock up. (And while my parents are here I'd really like for them to have TP). :-)

Anyone have thoughts on warehouse stores like Sam's Club, BJ's and Cosco? We don't have a Cosco around here, but I have friends who live near one, and I have heard great things about that store! They have some pretty nice stuff. How does it work for your family? I know my friend Jeannie has a large family and the larger quantities work for her. Unless Publix is running a major sale, I find that Sam's has the better price on meat and chicken. But I also have to be focused and stick to my list, or I'll come out of there with stuff I don't necessarily need.


Mamosa said...

Sams is not a good fit for our family. With my disdain for Walmart aside, my opinion of Sams is influenced mainly by the bottom line. With maybe two or three price breaker products that I can get at Sams, it is not worth the yearly membership. I know some people get a free membership from their employer. If I did, I probably would go in just for those two or three items (usually chicken, cheese and pudding).

Frugal Finds said...

My first advise would be to stop buying paper paltes and cups! they are bad for the budget and bad for the earth!
That being said, I am not a huge fan of places like Sam's club. I think it is too hard to get out of there without buying any extras!
Frugal Carol

Troy and Rachel said...

We have a Costco membership and we call it the 100 dollar store! We only go every other month or so as a luxury and stock up on snack foods, and meats. We always overspend! Oh - and we live on paper plates. If we used regular plates, I'd spend my life in the kitchen doing dishes!