Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Car Trouble

Once again we find ourselves in car trouble. For my previous post about Dh's car which was in January click HERE.

We did not get the work done in January because we did not want to invest $2000 in the car. However, we could not really afford to pay for a used vehicle either, and chose to wait until we could afford it. Unfortunately, this car did not pass emissions inspection, and it needed a major tune-up to do so. It is costing us $800 this time around. He expected it to cost about $300. I had no such misplaced hopes.... I have seen that car, and it has never had a tune up since we owned it. This I knew had the potential to be costly.

I'm sick about it... because each time we try to get ahead, we get a set back. Yes, we have the funds in our emergency fund, but that wipes that out. Not only that, but we have to look at our budget again and spending habits to see where we can cut things... even temporarily. It's gonna hurt, but it's necessary. Bleck. I'll tell you why in a later post.


Dr. Mom said...

Sorry about your car trouble! Fixing cars is what normally destroys our budget as well. And it seams like what should be a small repair always ends up costing a bundle.

Susan said...

After spending over $1600 last week, I can commisserate with you. However the alternative (no van at all) is even worse. ;o)

Mamosa said...

Oh, Jackie, that's terrible! I'm so sorry to hear that.