Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Almost Debt Free....

Good News! I finally was able to pay off the last credit card today! Woohooo!! That was a big deal in my mind. :-) Now, we do use one credit card currently, but pay it off each month. The reason we use it, is because it gives us Marriott points. We learned over a year ago through many of our friends going through international adoption, that we could use Marriott points at the Marriott in Moscow. This is much cheaper than the going rate for a hotel room there. So, we began using a Marriott rewards credit card to accumulate as many points as we could. We have been using it for over a year, and will probably be able to stay 3-4 nights free with our points. Yeah!

Anyway, I wanted to explain that as I realized I never did before when talking about credit or cash. I do think that it is easier to be held accountable to our budget by using cash. So, once our adoption is completed, we will most likely switch to an all cash/envelope method of grocery shopping. (Gas too!)

Now we only have our van payment and that we could pay off pretty quickly. But we are still trying to save for our adoption. So, we are holding off on early van payments in favor of a debt free adoption. (Hopefully!!)

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Evelyn said...

Congratulations on paying off your credit cards. That's a great feeling. Paying cash is the best thing, but if you can pay off the credit card each month, then why not take advantage of earning cash points for your grocery shopping and gas purchases. We let our points build up with our chase card, and then for each 2500 points, we get $25. It's free money, but only because we pay off the card in full each month and incur no finance charges.