Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dave Ramsey in My Head

This evening I was out at HomeGoods, one of my favorite places to browse. I was just there for some "me time" while dh was out with the kids. Anyway, I saw two little stuffed lambs that each had a plastic protective cover on the front for a picture to slide in. I though they would be so cute to take to our adoptive children in Russia with our photo in it. That way when we have to go back home, they have a stuffed animal to sleep with and to help remind them that we will be returning for them.

Anyway, there was another really cute lamb blanket.... but only one. I was so tempted to buy it for me! I mean I was justifying left and right about why i should buy it.... it would be mine, it would remind me of the kids, etc etc etc. What I really wanted were two lamb blankets and then I would give those to the children. lol! So as I am walking around debating... I hear one of the sales clerk ask a gentleman how he is doing today.... He answered in a voice greatly mimicking Dave Ramsey... "Better than I deserve!" I looked at him and just grinned...then I thought about that...and promptly walked back to the children's section and put that lamb blanket back. LOL!

Nope, I surely don't need that to help me sleep better at night... I'm headed toward financial peace instead. :-)

For more on Dave Ramsey click HERE.

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Melissa said...

Hahaha, that's a great story! I know what you mean about Dave Ramsey being in your head! I will be debating with myself about certain purchases and then I will have my answer as a Dave Ramsey quote enters my mind! Gotta love him! :)