Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Publix BOGO Deals - April 16th-22nd

Here is a quick rundown of the Publix BOGO items for the week: There are a ton of them! Items in Bold you can add a recent coupon from the paper or from recent online coupons. There may be more coupons that you have stockpiled, or that you have found online to add to these BOGO deals. If there is one you found add it to the comment field. Here is the link to the Publix flyer for some other deals: Publix Flyer

Arid XX Antiperspirant deodorant or total or extra dry –assorted var. (Save up to $2.99)
Arizona Green Tea Energy Drink-pomegranate, original or diet (Save up to $6.99)
Bantry Bay Mussels- (Save up to $4.99)
Campari Tomatoes- (Save up to $4.99)
Cole’s Garlic Bread of Toast Slices-assorted varieties (Save up to $2.79)
Farm Rich French Toast-assorted varieties (Save up to $3.29)
General Mills Cereal- Honey Nut Cheerios, Lucky Charms (Save up t o $4.99)
Hershey’s Bliss Dark Chocolate-assorted 9.6oz bag (Save up to $3.99)
Hunt’s Tomato Ketchup -24oz bottle (Save up to $1.75)
Juicy Juice 100% premium juice –assorted varieties (Save up to $3.49)
Kashi Cereal-assorted varieties (Save up to $3.39)
Keebler Townhouse or Club Crackers-assorted varieties (Save up to $3.79)
Kellogg’s Cereal – Frosted Flakes Froot Loops (Save up to $4.99)
Kellogg’s Yogos –assorted varieties (Save up to $2.89)
Kraft or Seven Seas Dressing- assorted varieties (Save up to $2.49)
Kozy Shack Pudding –assorted varieties 22oz tub (Save up to $2.99)
Land O Lakes Spread- (Save up to $1.47)
Lay’s Potato Chips –assorted varieties (Save up to $3.49)
Lender’s Pre-sliced Bagels (Save up to $1.95)
Lysol Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaner-40oz bottle –assorted varieties (Save up to $2.99)
Mt Olive Sweet Relish, spear,chips or cubes-assorted varieties (Save up to $2.19)
Nabisco Chips Ahoy Cookies-assorted varieties (Save up to $3.39)
Ocean Spray 100% Juice-assorted varieties 64oz bottle (Save up $3.89)
Quaker Baked Bars,oatmeal to go, muffin bites, oatmeal cookies (Save up t o $3.19)
Shout Laundry Stain Remover w/ trigger 22oz bottle (Save up to $2.89)
Simply Potatoes Mashed Potatoes -24oz pkg (Save up to $2.59)
Streit’s Matzo Ball Mix-assorted varieties (Save up to $2.59)
Sunsweet Pitted Prunes-bite size or regular (Save up to $3.69)
Swanson Hungry Man Dinner-assorted varieties (Save up to $3.29)
Thomas’s English Muffins- original plain, (Save up to $2.99)
Toufayan Pita Bread-selected varieties (Save up to $1.19)
Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice-assorted varieties, microwaveable (Save up to $1.89)
Valley Fresh White Chicken – 10oz can (Save up to $3.29)
Wyler’s Light Soft Drink Mix-assorted varieties, sugar free (Save up to $2.99)

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