Monday, April 14, 2008

Great Coffee Article

Here is a link to an interesting coffee article. It's called A Frugal Mom's Guide to Good Coffee. Most of my friends know I love coffee, but lately the price has been astronomically high. I plan to try a few brands that people recommended to see if I can find a more frugal coffee for my morning habit.

One thing in the above article I found interesting, especially as we head into warmer weather is to freeze your leftover coffee into cubes. You can then use it for making iced coffee drinks. I love this idea! My own frapucchino. lol! I always have leftover coffee, so this would be a cool thing to implement once I get an ice cube tray. :-)

Check out some of the other tips she has... and enjoy that cup of Joe!


Mamosa said...

Did you try the Don Francisco's yet? I bought some last night (Butterscotch Toffee as well as Vanilla Hazelnut). I can't wait to open them up, but have to finish my opened bags first. I'm worse than a kid on Christmas morn!

Sarah said...

I love the coffee ice cube idea!