Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Financial Health Checkup -April

Well, the figures are in and they aren't looking as good as last month. It's a step forward and a step back and I'm reminded ouf how vigilent, diligent and disciplined I must be in my focus on our budget and money in general.

When I added everything up, I found that I made waaaayyyy too many trips to my favorite grocery store, and not enough planned trips. Even though I make a menu every week, I forget something, or we need something for a social event...or whatever. So I have a renewed intensity for the month of May! I have already crossed things off the list of things we don't "need". I have plenty of food stockpiled too, so I'm going to really utilize my pantry and freezer this month.

Here are the figures for April:

Groceries Spent April: $537.

Publix Savings: $124.24

Bi-Lo SavingsL $63.26

ECB's : $9.00

Coupon Savings: $38.49

Thank goodness it's a clean fresh slate every month!!

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