Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Publix BOGO Deals Feb. 20th-26th

Its Publix BOGO time again! Does anyone else look forward to this time of the week??? I know I’m eagerly anticipating what the deals will be for the week at my favorite grocery store…. Last week I have to tell you, I was a little disappointed in the BOGOs, but the Glade Candle deal and the Lysol All PurposeCleaner deal, more than made up for it! So without further ado…..

Here is a quick rundown of the Publix BOGO items for the week: Items in Bold you can add a recent coupon from the 1/6, thru 2/17 paper or from recent online coupons. There may be more coupons that you have stockpiled, or that you have found online to add to these BOGO deals. If there is one you found add it to the comment field. Here is the link to the Publix flyer for some other deals: Publix Flyer

Bertolli Pasta Sauce - assorted varieties (Save up to $2.59)
Campbell’s Select Soup –assorted varities (Save up to $2.29)
Del Monte Tomatoes assorted varieties 14.5oz can (Save up to $1.27)
Dole Fruit, Gel or Parfait Bowls –assorted (Save up to $2.43)Online Coupon

Dole Salad Blends – assorted varieties
Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food – 4oz jar assorted varieties (Save up to $0.99)Online Earth's Best Coupon
GE Light Bulbs-assorted varieties (Save up to $1.22)
General Mills Cheerios Cereal –assorted varieties (Save up to $3.99)
Hellman’s Mayonaise assorted varieties (Save up to $3.15)
Hershey’s Syrup excluding sugar free (Save up to $1.85)
Kellogg’s Pop Tarts 8pk-assorted varities (Save up to $1.95)
Keebler Townhouse or Club Crackers (Save up to $3.79)
Ken’s Steakhouse marinade or Buffalo Wing Sauce-16oz (Save up to $2.79)
Kid’s Cuisine Dinner –assorted varieties (Save up to $2.19)
Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner- assorted varieties (Save up to $0.69)
Kraft South Beach Living Meal-assorted varieties (Save up to $2.99)
Krusteaz Muffin or Cake Mix-excluding brownie (Save up to $2.49)
Lay’s Potato Chips – assorted varieties (Save up to $3.49)
Mott’s Apple Juice –assorted varieties 9 pk. 6.75 oz box – (Save up to $2.99)
Nabisco Honey Maid Grahams assorted varieties (Save up to $3.59)
Near east Couscous or Rice Pilaf –assorted varieties (Save up to $2.19)
Oust Air Sanitizer –assorted varieties 10 oz. can (Save up to $3.39)
Planters Peanuts assorted varieties (Save up to $2.89)
Publix Microwave Popcorn 6pk. Assorted varieties (Save up to $3.39)
Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Minatures or hershey’s assorted (Save up to $4.99) excluding seasonal
Tam-X-ico’s Tortillas-white corn 30 count (Save up to $2.09)
Thomas’s English Muffins original plain (Save up to $2.99)
Vlasic Sandwich Stackers or Pickles or Spears –assorted (Save up to $2.69)

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