Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cash, Debit or Credit??


I am very curious to know how many use cash only for groceries and how many use a debit or a credit card??? I'm not advocating either one, I'm just interested in seeing what everyone else does. I've posted a poll on the top of my blog....take a moment to vote. Thanks!!

In other frugal news:

I came across two very good posts about budgeting that I thought would be a great read!

This one from Merchant Ships is called Cheerful Frugality and the Grocery Budget On a side note....don't you just love that title? Cheerful Frugality! I need to remember that!

The other one is from the website Simple Debt Free Living... it's titled Grocery Saving Tips This post is loaded with information, some that works for me and some that doesn't.

Both provide several tips and suggestions that I could strive toward implementing in my own budget.


Susan said...

I use my check card as a credit transaction. For every $2 I spend that way, I earn 1 point towards a "free gift". Recently I cashed in our points for $75+ gift cards for Red Lobster. If I'm going to spend the money regardless, at least I'm getting a "gift" out of it. ;o)

Kris said...

Debit card. The thought of shopping with cash breaks me out in hives. ;-)

Julie said...

I don't own a debit card and only have 2 low credit limit credit cards. I only use those if I'm in a major bind. I've used cash only for groceries for ages. I know about what everything is going to cost me and I round up to cover any extras. I write my grocery list at home and out beside each item I write the estimated cost. If I'm buying eggs and I know they at $1.86 a doz I write down $2.00. I total my list and have a pretty good idea of what I'm going to spend. Then I might bring along an extra $10 "just in case". I'm usually under budget doing it this way. Also, I've been in the situation where I goofed and bought more groceries than I had money. The cashiers are usually nice about taking off a couple of items to bring the total back down to what I needed. Not fun, but it happens to lots of people.

Kim said...

I use my credit card because I am paranoid against fraudulent charges (that is what happens when you sit next to the fraud department at work).

Plus I get points that I can cash in for Shell gas cards. I pay off my card in full every month :)

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

I use credit for just about everything. We pay it off completely at the end of the month and reap benefits from the card (cash back, points, college fund money).