Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Triple Coupons-Bi-Lo

My friend Kris got a tip earlier today that one of the grocery stores in our area was running an unadvertised promotion of triple coupons. Now, I have to say that I am not really a fan of this grocery store....and so I filed the information for later research. I found out that I had NO CLUE how triple coupons work. I know what your thinking....

"How is that possible? I mean really you just triple the coupon, it's simple math. And by the way weren't you a business major in college?"

Yes, I mean business management was my you'd think I would have known this.... BUT, I never really clipped coupons before. Not like I'm doing now, and I never knew how to use the coupons to the best advantage.... so I really was clueless! In my mind I thought that they tripled up to $1.00. Don't ask me why, but I thought $1.00 was the maximum you could get on any coupon. So, $0.50 coupon would double to $1.00. $0.35 would almost triple to $1.00. Get it???

I was sooo wrong! I just confirmed this with the same Kris above in an email, that if I had a $.075 coupon, the grocery store would triple it to $2.25 off!!! I am so not kidding you!! Anyone else feel giddy at the possibilities here? lol! I swear who needs drugs, alcohol or even sugar for that matter....this is such a rush! (Okay, sugar would be nice sometimes too).

So, I pulled all my coupons of the things that we need or could stock up on. All the coupons are under $1.00, since they won't bother tripling $1.00 or over. I'm going to take my time tomorrow sometime going to the store and seeing what would be the best deal. I'm going to have a list of of items and the final dollar amount after tripling, and I'm also going to have my calculator to see what my final amount might be.... But I will need to think while I'm there, so it's not the best trip to bring the kiddos. Especially since every other sentence will be... "Can we get this, or can we get that?" :-)

Oh, I really hope it's gonna be a good shopping day tomorrow!


Kris said...

You are cracking me up! Yes, definitely leave the kiddos home for this one...and definitely bring the calculator. I didn't have my handy clipboard/calculator and I was having to *gasp* figure things in my head! I am sooo not good at that.

The only things I bought with $1.00 coupons were my Dove products. I was just doing it because they were a good deal based on what I normally pay. I was so surprised to get a free half-gallon of ice cream out of it! Oh, it was Butter Pecan, btw. My favorite. The kids hate it. Isn't that evil of me?? *grin*

jeannie said...

I am having to take the Kids with me... YIKES... I will let you know how it goes... (LOL)

Karen said...

My trip last night was just for the few things I could get for free or almost free. I'm going back with my coupon binder to see what other things I should go ahead and get while they are doing the tripling. I'll have to think too, so I'm hoping that I can get away with only taking a couple of kids :)