Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Coupons Preview Website

This is a website that I go to frequently to see the weeks current list of coupons. It's alphabetically listed by flyer, so I can see if I overlooked a coupon or two from my grocery list. Plus they have online printable grocery coupons, plus printable CVS coupons and much more! I also go to this site to see the Coupon Previews for the coming week. This was, since our grocery stores run their ads until Wednesday or Thursday, I can see if a coupon is coming out that Sunday for an item on sale. If it looks like sweeter deal, it will be worth it for me to save those items for a quick trip in on Monday or Tuesday after the coupons have come out that week. Make sense? This site is a fabulous resource!

Here is the link for the website, and I've included it under Blogs I read as well. Click Here!

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Kama said...

That's a cool site! Thanks for sharing. By the way, that's awesome that you're adopting! My husband and I definitely want to do that--soon!!!