Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Well, I debated which blog to post this on....one is for family, one is for home remodeling and that could have worked, but I decided to put it here....because one of the tackles does have something to do with finances. And hopefully Dh will tackle it today. But let me start with my projects I tackled today. I cleaned all the bathrooms. Now I'm sure I could post a before and after photo of them, but really I just don't think anyone wants to see my dirty bathrooms. And it's quite okay if you refrain from posting yours in the future too. lol!

But I will post this photo of our scale. I will never get one of these scales again, as they are difficult to really keep clean. We have had this one for years, and it has the lines on the top (I guess it's to help with being slip proof). Anyway, dirt and grease and whatever gets in those lines and the scale looks dingy all the time. After cleaning the boys bathroom, and having everything finally look really pristine, I looked down at that scale. UGH! So, I got out the fantastik that I bought on sale at Walgreen's and some toothpicks, and paper towels and started to de-dingyfy (is that a word??) the scale. It took me like 30 minutes to do this...which is why I won't get another scale like this again! Here is a photo in the process, so you can see the difference that really cleaning it makes, and here is an after. So now the entire bathroom looks clean and crisp!

Now onto the other tackle that is on dh's plate. It's a long saga with our cable company. We bundled services before Thanksgiving in order to save money. We got the digital phone service, and it was awful! It would cut out on people during conversations, or I would sound completely garbled. The cable company couldn't even understand me one day when I called to request it to be fixed! I had to call them back on my cell phone! So, today we received a bill from them after having cancelled with them for over a month.... it's full of one time charges added on, as well as a modem charge..(and we OWN our own modem!) I was steamed to say the least. Dh was down there already last month to fight the bill, and they were supposed to credit our account for over $125.00.... guess what...... they didn't! So, dh is waiting on customer service right now to straighten it out again! GOOD GRIEF! But it's a matter of principle.... So, that's what I truly pray gets tackled today! I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow. Sometimes when I try to save money it backfires on me! Like my what happened to my friend Jeannie, poor girl! :-)

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