Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Walgreens Deals Today!

I found some awesome deals this week at Walgreens, thanks to Jeannie's Blog! All the cleaners that I use brand name, were on sale Buy One Get One Free. I had coupons for each one further reducing my spending.
  • 4 Fantastick All Purpose Cleaner (3.19 original BOGO with coupons .74 each)

  • 4 Lysold Toilet Bowl Cleaner (2.59 original BOGO w/ coupon .79 each)

  • 4 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner (2.99 original BOGO w/ coupon .74 each)

  • 2 Windex Glass Cleaner (3.79 original BOGO w/ coupon .89 each)

  • 2 Glade Country Garden Spray 2 coupons - FREE

  • 4 Glade Scented Oil Refills (3.29 original BOGO, w coupons .64 each)

  • 2 Colgate max Fresh Toothpaste (2.89 original BOGO, w/ coupon .69 each)

  • 4 Kotex Feminine Products (3.19 reduced to 2/$5, with $2.00 coupons .50 each)

Purchased original merchandise prices $83.xx
Saved in Manufacturers' coupons and store savings $60.xx
Out of Pocket Spent: $23.xx



Anonymous said...

Awesome blog. I love the format and the name! That was very creative!

You scored awesome deals at Walgreens! I didn't know about the Kotex..... ;o)

Troy and Rachel said...

Stopped by to say "Hi" I'll be adding this blog to my reader so I can keep up. You are inspiring me to start watching the deals!!