Thursday, January 31, 2008

Grocery Shopping...more coupons!

You know, my pantry is so full, and my menu plan is working out, that my thought this week was: "I really don't need to step foot into a grocery store." Seriously, I could easily skip a week. (Well maybe not for milk, or bread, as that is a staple).

I was planning for a quick run to Publix, for a few BOGO items, until I received an email from Kris at Living Sensibly. One of our local grocery stores is once again offering triple coupons! Again!!! Good grief! My friend Jeannie at What's a Girl To Do? answered with, "You are Kidding me! Time to replan!"

She's right, so I will be replanning my strategy with triple coupons. I can't say that there is a ton that I need to pick up, but I could find a few things, that will benefit from Triple Coupons. Those for $0.75 off tripled to $2.25 are awesome! But really, the Publix BOGO deals when you add a coupon to it, are an even better deal. I'll let you know what I pick up at both places...later this week.


jeannie said...

When I read your email I started laughing.

For real what are they doing? (LOL)

If I knew they were going to do this all the time, I would really plan on shopping there more often.KWIM


Troy and Rachel said...

I need to find a triple coupon store!! We have a couple that double but I usually find I spend too much anyway - I def. need to re-budget and take a little more time checking out the deals like you do.