Friday, January 25, 2008

A Frugal Lesson.... Ha!

I was checking out Jennifer's post at All Things Frugal, detailing her awesome shopping experience for the day. At the end she listed a link for Breyer's Ice Cream sold at Food Lion. It was a $2.00 off coupon.... and she got two half gallons for...are you ready for this..... $0.12!!!! I went to the link, and although it said there were no printing restrictions, I realized too late that I should have printed multiple copies. (Lesson learned). If you want to go to that link click here.

I asked dh, if we could try to fit it in the freezer, as we have little to no room. (Mind you we are already watching what we eat, so ice cream isn't the greatest idea). But when I told him it was $0.06 a half gallon...he said, okay go ahead. So I grabbed the boys, as a special treat to them, allowing them to pick out the ice cream of their choice. Now, I still don't have a clue for how much they are selling this ice cream, all I know is Jennifer got it for $0.12. I am planning on teaching the boys a lesson in frugal shopping and can't wait to see their eyes, when the total comes up to pennies on the dollar. But I know it's not gonna go my way, when I get to our Food Lion and the Breyer's ice cream is $5.19 BOGO. Oh no.... I knew it, I should have had two coupons! I just knew it! I also live in a different state than her, so I am guessing that is one of the reasons for the price difference as well.

So, we were all the way down there...I knew I couldn't print another coupon, as I tried and it wouldn't let me. Plus the boys were looking so forward to picking out there ice cream! LOL! So, I paid $3.40 for both, about $1.60 each. lol! I learned a lesson today. And had a good chuckle in the meantime. Hey at least my boys got a special treat...and it didn't cost too much! LOL!!


Anonymous said...

I also had two coupons ($0.55/ea) from the Sunday paper that I stacked with those Food Lion coupon.
I printed FOUR! Yes, I'm insane!
Want an extra?? LOL

Jackie said...

Now you tell me!!! I should have emailed you! Queen of frugal! lol! I did not see any Breyer's in t he Sunday paper recently. Or at least not in mine, was it by chance from December? I may not have cut it... I have got to learn to cut everything yummy! You never know when I will want to use it! :-)

jeannie said...
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