Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A bottle of water.....

Our family loves baseball.... LOVES it! Our boys play baseball, we follow all kinds of baseball from the minor league level, up to the Majors on ESPN. We have several favorite of which is the Braves. Well, dh was able to get free tickets to the Braves through work, and free parking as well. So we jumped at the chance to head to Atlanta and catch a game.

What does this have to do with frugal living? Well I'm getting there. The only cost to us was the gas for our van. Very worth it to us... we get to the game, and of course ate dinner on the way down very inexpensively. I know ballpark food can be expensive, especially in the Major Leagues. I just didn't know how much.

Around the 6th inning I asked dh to grab me a bottled water if he didn't mind. He took the kids and came back with a soda for each of them and my water. That's 3 sodas and one water. Wanna know how much that cost at your favorite MLB stadium?


Yes, that's right $18.00. I told dh I didn't want to hear anymore. It made me ill just thinking about it. Unbelieveable! As the game was winding down, I told dh I was finishing all the water, so as not to waste a drop... He joked, that must be the best tasting water you ever had! LOL! Yeah right.


Troy and Rachel said...

Isn't it crazy how they get you at those places by charging and arm and leg for food and drink!!!

I started my own frugal blog after begin so inspired by you and all the other blogs I found through yours!! It's called From Dimes to Dollars and you can find it at Hope you don't mind me leaving you this in a comment!

P.S. I would've drank every last drop of that water too!!

Veggiemomof2 said...

That is so funny! My friend's toddler (3.5yrs) just went to a game w/her dad & the 1 thing she told her mom about when she got home was the $5 bottle of water. I said, "Cause she probably heard, 'You'd better not spill that $5 water!' LOL

Anonymous said...

My husband and grown son went to see the Braves a couple of summers ago. Summer in Atlanta! They were too cheap to buy the water, they got sick and had to go to the hospital to be treated for heat exhaustion. They sat through 13 innings in a 120 degree heat index. I wish they had just bought the

Anonymous said...

Wow! And to think it costs $16 for our family just to get tickets for the minor league team here.

We want to go to a Braves game this year and have even been looking at their home schedule, but now I'm not so sure!

I knew they would cost more for concessions, but WOW!

I'd love to see your cards.