Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bi-Lo Deal - Hebrew National Beef Franks

I know I hardly ever post about Bi-Lo, but in case someone would benefit..(like my friend Kris)....I had to post this deal. We love Hebrew National beef franks. It's our family's favorite and we eat them through out the summer, grilled or whatever. We'll have friends over and have hamburgers and hot dogs and that is what we serve.

Bi-lo has them BOGO again this week. I bought them before we went to Florida at the BOGO price, and I'll be going back again to stock up. I just freeze them...though the freezer is getting pretty full, and we really could use another one. (How long have I been saying that?)

Anyway.... if you like Hebrew National, then you know how expensive these franks are and that this price really helps out! Go get them at Bi-Lo this week! But save some for me please. :-)


Kris said...

Um, yeah. You know how much I love that brand..and that store. Don't worry; I'll leave you PLENTY! lol

Kelly said...

I have seen your freezer. I would actually like to see it when you try and fit these in! Call me when you're ready and I'll head over! LOL