Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday.... Revisited

My two goals that I absolutely wanted to accomplish today were:

  1. To get the adoption paperwork county certified, copied and in the mail Fed Ex.
  2. To get cleats for my boys for baseball.

Accomplished but not easily!

I dropped the kids off at co-op and headed back home to grab everything I needed to run my errands. My oldest ds was testing for his red belt in karate today and was really excited. I saw I had left on my desk his parent slip and check to get that red belt, so I ran back to co-op and dropped that off. As I was walking back to my car, my absolute favorite pair of shoes that I have had for years and years......broke. They are made by Bass, and are kind of like comfy mules with a buckle and a strap. Well, the metal on the buckle just broke right off. (Ya think maybe I've been wearing them too much?)

That was a sign of things to come. I punched in the address to our county courthouse on my GPS and headed downtown. I don't know where "she" (my GPS) was taking me...but it wasn't right and it wasn't speedy. I finally made it downtown and parked in the garage. At the courthouse I had to go through the electronic security device (like what they have at airports.) I don't know why I was thinking this, but I was thinking, "maybe I'll beep because of the buckle on the shoe". As I walked through sure enough I beeped...but not from the buckle on my shoe....nope it was from the button fly on my jeans. A nice older gentleman waved the wand all around me, and then kindly asked if my jeans had a button right in the middle. Yes, they did and wouldn't you know it that was the culprit? lol! He had asked at first if I had had knee replacement surgery as it was indicating at the knee... I responded "No, I'll be happy to pull up my pant leg to show you." lol! (Good grief, don't shock the poor man Jackie!)

So, I thanked the nice older gentleman for letting me through and headed to the county clerks offices. A sign said "all services line forms to the left" ....but when I went to the left the signs indicated it was for vehicle renewal and tags/title. That's not what I needed. So after waiting in line for like 10 minutes I got to the front and I found out that I indeed need a different room. Sigh. I walked over to that room, waited while they certified my 14 documents, and headed out of the building, again thanking the older gentleman. (He really was nice with a kind smile).

I got out to the parking garage and pulled up to the gate. As I handed the attendant my ticket and my credit card, this is what he said..... "We don't take credit". And me: "Ack! ....What??.... Oh no!!.... I don't have a stitch of cash on me." I'm a bit panicked now as I need to get back to get my kids! He then asks me if I have a check as they take those as well as cash. So, here I was holding up the line again to write a check for the parking garage. Good grief! I can only imagine the people in the cars behind me as they see me hand the attendant my check. lol!

I picked up the kiddos and we went to FedEx to make copies and get these documents in the mail (FedEx Overnight). Finally it is D-O-N-E! We then drove to the sporting goods store to get cleats for the boys. And it wasn't until 7pm that we were sitting down to a meal dh cooked of chicken stir fry.

So that was my Tackle it Tuesday! I'm wiped out just thinking about it...

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Karen said...

DONE!! Good for you! Sounds like it was exhausting, but at least you can cross it off the list! :)