Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saving with my husband...

I just want to say that my husband is awesome! He gets so "gigged" (is that a word? Maybe it's a word from somewhere deep in my 80's past).... anyway he gets so "gigged up" about saving money and the deals we are finding. He even goes to stores on the way to work to help me. lol! Ya gotta love that!

This week Walgreens had so many register rewards deals. There was the Olay Bar Soap, and then there was the Zest, Ivory and Safeguard soap... and then Herbal Essence, Pantene, aussie shampoo and then Secret and Old Spice deoderent. (to name a few) So as not to wipe out any store, dh went to 4 different stores in our area, and I went to the two we normally shop at. Then dh and I put our brains together and decided to purchase a gas card with the RR's at Walgreens. They said we couldn't use them to purchase gift cards. Bummer. But his next stop netted us a new outlet.... So, we have been using our RR's to save money on groceries this week.

I have forgotten how much my dh appreciates saving a dollar.... He is so "into it", and I just smile and give him a big hug. God really has blessed me with my mate.

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MoneyCommonSense said...

It certainly makes it so much easier to be frugal and be all about saving money when you have a husband that is into it as much as you are. I love that about my husband as well.