Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Menu Plan....

Finally getting around to posting my menu plan... the first two days are over...but it was easier to include them. I have to say that I am soo proud of myself, because I am trying TWO new recipes this week! (My sister would be proud too). Penne Pasta w/ Ricotta and Turkey. This is a recipe that I got from a cooking class that I just took. I didn't actually cook the meal, but I watched the instructor and sampled afterward and it was good! However, it did have sausage in place of turkey and that may alter the taste in my own...but I want to use up my ground turkey. I still think it will work. I am making the sauce from scratch. Scary! I hope I'm up for this!

Then two days later, I am preparing another wonderful meal...Chicken Piccata. It's a lemony chicken, with breading, and I think I will serve it alongside pasta. (As pasta is a frugal ingredient right?) I'll let you know how they go.... So here is the rest of the menu plan! (Oh and almost everything on the menu I have in my freezer or pantry. I only had to buy hot dogs and buns!)

Lunch- Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup with veggies/Fresh Bread
Dinner-Chicken Pot Pie

Breakfast- Cereal/Fruit/English Muffins
Lunch- Pizza Salad
Dinner- Leftover Chili/Rolls

Breakfast- French Toast/Bacon Fruit
Lunch- Chicken Noodle Soup with veggies/Breadsticks
Dinner- Hotdogs/Tater tots/Beans/Salad/Fruit

Breakfast- Muffins/Banana Bread/Fruit
Lunch- Steak Sandwiches and sautéed peppers
Dinner- Penne Pasta with Ricotta and Turkey (NEW Recipe!)

Breakfast- Sweet Rolls
Lunch- Ham/Potatoes/Green beans (company over)
Dinner- Leftovers (on your own)

Breakfast- Cereal/Toasted pastries/Fruit
Lunch- Ravioli
Dinner- Chicken Piccata (NEW Recipe!)

Breakfast – Eggs/English Muffins/Fruit
Lunch – Deli Wraps/Fruit/Granola
Dinner- Leftovers

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jeannie said...

I wish I could do leftovers. We never have food leftover & if we do S takes it to work the next day!

I am looking forward to seeing how your menu's change when your little ones come along... (smile)