Saturday, February 16, 2008

Super Saturday Savings...

I went back out again today to get a few more deals... Total oop for both trips $28.xx!!

The first was at Bi-Lo. They had Chunky Microwave Soups on Sale BOGO and I had a ton of coupons for those. Plus their crescent rolls were on sale, so I used some of those coupons as well. Jeannie at What's a Girl to Do? posted that the 12 pack Coke was on a special sale $1.99 each, so I got a few of those as well.... Before Savings: $59.xx after Savings/Coupons $20.xx! Here's a photo:

On my way home from Bi-Lo I stopped at Publix because dh needed chips for our turkey burger dinner....They were out of the Lysol All Purpose Cleaner the last time I was there. It is on sale BOGO $2.99 each, so that's 2 for $ I had coupons for $.50 doubled to $1.00. That made each Lysol cleaner $0.50!!! I also used my first Coffee-Mate coupon..because I can always use french vanilla creamer! Before Savings: $24.xx After Savings/Coupons $8.xx!!


Rebecca said...

Oh I wish I lived near these stores. Our local grocery stores NEVER double or triple. I'm envious of your savings!!!!

S.B. said...

That is a super price for the Lysol cleaner! Enjoyed stopping by your blog.