Friday, February 1, 2008

Stocking the Pantry Again!!

I love my local grocery store when it offers triple coupons. It's just way to good to pass up, so I typically stock up on tons of canned products, toiletries, and prepackaged goods. I went this evening and took my youngest son. He did pretty well, although I felt bad for the poor guy, we were there for over an hour. I guess I just didn't have my mind as focused, and so figuring out if something was a good deal or not, took longer. They were out of quite a few things on my list so I'll be going back tomorrow to see if I can grab those things.....

Anyway, I spent $111.xx before savings, and afterward my bill was $38.88! Dh looked at everything I purchased and guessed the price to be around $54. He was so proud of me when I told him $38. Here is a photo of everything I bought....Yeah me! LOL!


Lady Why said...

Wow! I wish our grocery stores would triple coupons! That's a great savings!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome!
BTW, I just have to tell you that when I was getting my coupons tripled here:

The lady behind me was only purchasing three or four things and was VERY carefully watching my every move. After all my coupons were scanned and the cashier told me my total, the lady said, "Ok, tell me how on earth you did that!"

I just explained that they are tripling coupons and she said, "I guess I'll be grocery shopping tomorrow!"

It was funny and I thought of you.

jeannie said...

Go Jackie Go!
That is so great.....

Frugal Finds said...

What a great shopping trip!! You should be so proud of yourself!!
Frugal Carol