Sunday, February 24, 2008

Publix Mystery Coupon???

Okay, for our area the Publix mystery coupon is .....

A bag of Publix brand tortilla chips. Cool! So for 1 penny get your Publix tortilla chips. (Good only Sunday and Monday)

BTW- Our family LOVED the Chicken Taco Soup recipe that I tried this week! I even had it for lunch is delicious. So here's a suggestion.... try this delicious recipe and as a compliment add the Publix Tortilla Chips for 1 penny. So there you go!

Click here for the Chicken Taco Soup Recipe at All Recipes.


Mrs Nespy said...

So if you take this coupon into the store, how do you find out what it is for? Do you take it straight to the service counter before you start shopping?

Jackie said...

Hi Mrs Nespy! You can just go ask at the customer service counter, and I'm sure they will tell you. I remembered at checkout today, and I didn't even have a coupon. I asked the cashier and she told me, and I ran quick to grab a bag. Hope that helps and hopefully your area of Publix offers the same for a penny. :-)

Mrs Nespy said...

We always have a coupon in the paper. The closest one is about 15miles away, but we're about to have one less than 2 miles from the house, so I'm preparing!

Thanks for the help!