Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Coupons!!

In the mail today came two envelopes! One contained the coupons I ordered from The Coupon Clippers....and the other contained the coupons that my mom sent me! Yeah!!

I called my mom to thank her for sending me the coupons! She rocks! So, now I have to start organizing a whole slew of new coupons again. I sure hope next weeks deals are good! I've already started planning out my menu using stuff I've got on hand.

In other news: I have not done the year end filing yet... can you say PROCRASTINATION? Kind of like laundry in my house. And I am not even going to talk about taxes.... for those that have filed and already received a tax refund.... picture me with my fingers in my ears....... "LaLaLaLaLa....... I can't hear you....." LOL!


Kim said...

For the first time in years I'll be getting a refund, I am just waiting for the baby's social security number , I am so excited :)

Jackie said...

Yeah Kim! What are you gonna do with it? Pay off some bills or something else?