Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bi-Lo Savings w/ triple coupons!

Well, I went to Bi-Lo today with the kids... I just knew once evening came, I would not want to go out... I really don't like to go out shopping when it's cold and dark. Before I set out on this adventure, I popped some figures into a quick excel spreadsheet. I just put the item in one column (with a 2 after it if the coupon required a purchase of 2 things), then I left a blank for the current price, then the coupon amount, then a column calculating the coupon at it's tripled value, and lastly the final price. This was a huge help to me when I got into the store! I printed that excel worksheet and set off!

I was only shopping for coupon items.... and bought only one thing without my coupons and that was OJ since it was on a 2/$6 special. Anyway....we got there around 11:30 am, and I had the coupons pretty much in aisle order. (As was my spreadsheet).... so I just looked at the price listed, subtracted the tripled coupon amount, and could tell if this was something I was willing to pay. Ds1 was in charge of his calculator punching in the numbers I gave him.... (I was using a separate calculator to do the math quicker, and to check him), but it kept him occupied. Ds2 was in charge of the cart and helping me find items. Most things averaged about 50% off after coupons, which wasn't bad! It wasn't like recent trips to CVS or Walgreens ...but it was all coupon savings...and for that I am happy! No pictures, as I already put it all away, and I'm not pulling it back out! lol! It was a grocery cart full...not overflowing mind you, but full of everything we use!

The order before savings totaled: $148.xx
Bi-Lo Club Card Savings: $7.xx
Coupon Savings: $68.xx
After Savings: $73.xx

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jeannie said...

I dont know how I missed this earlier...

You did GOOD too!

I really LOVE Couponing....